These days, it is very likely that almost everyone has already heard of the high protein diet, and also the high protein snacks.  But most of the time, what the people hear and read is about the advantages of this diet, and not about its disadvantages.  There have been arguments on the topic of protein diet effectiveness and safety.  However, there are no official statements yet on whether or not the diets rich in protein foods are safe, because the facts are still being studied.


Protein rich foods and high protein snacks are recommended by fitness and health experts because protein, compared with carbohydrates and fats, is more filling.  It encourages lean mass and aids in improving your metabolism.  Some choices for high protein snacks include beef jerky, which is a seasoned, dehydrated beef which is very lean.  There is also the Greek Yogurt, which has undergone a distinct straining process, so it contains protein level which is higher than the regularly processed yogurt.  And not to be forgotten is the protein bar which, although designed for convenience, contains the necessary proteins that your body needs.  These high protein snack options and more should be incorporated into your high protein diet, for better results.


Going back to the safety concerns about the high protein diet, some people point out that these diets restrict the intake of carbohydrates so much so that the possibility of nutritional deficiencies is high!  As we all know, carbohydrates help to burn energy, which burns fat in turn.  When you follow this diet which is high in protein, your body is deprived literally of the carbohydrates that is the source of needed energy.  You can also suffer from insufficient fibers, and that can result in constipation, diverticulitis, and other health  problems.


Other people argue that because protein diets are promoting full fat dairy products and lean meats, the risk of your having a heart disease is very high.  The diet may also worsen your kidney disease because of protein metabolism and the issue of eliminating all the waste products. These people maintain that it would be better to eat a balanced meal, and no dieting is necessary.  You just change your lifestyle.


If you ask some health authorities, following a diet of high protein may not be generally harmful if only for a short period of time, say about 6 months or less.  You might have achieved your weight loss goal by that time. You should wisely choose your protein; include lean beef, fish, skinless chicken, low-fat dairy products, and pork.  Your carbohydrates should high in fiber.  Examples are nutrient-full fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.  Similarly, you should also choose your high protein snacks by reading the nutrition labels, so you can be sure that you are getting the right amounts of nutrients.


As in other health and fitness programs, it is always a good idea to consult with your physician before you begin your diet that will help you lose weight.  This is particularly important if you have a history of diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, and other health conditions.

If you indulge in high protein diet and high protein snacks, nobody can stop you from becoming leaner.