New York, United States, 15, April 2016: Company owners face many challenges each day. One of them is to keep on top of their accounting. Credit control departments will spend a lot of time making sure customers pay bills on time. And the accounts payable department must ensure that the company's invoices also get paid.


One issue that firms have when paying their suppliers is the format and terms of their bills. An obvious way to streamline such procedures is to standardize on how payments get made and when. For instance, businesses could only agree to specific terms like 30 or 60 days for payments.

But, what should companies do when it comes to making physical payments? Electronic bank transfer is by far the easiest option for both parties. Still, some suppliers prefer to accept traditional payment methods such as checks.

Why businesses don't like writing checks

As one can imagine, sitting down and writing a batch of checks to various suppliers is a laborious task. It costs a lot to write a check, believe it or not. First of all, there's the time spent by an accounts payable clerk. They have to compile all the invoice details together and go through each one at a time.

They must also check for the mailing address to send each check. Otherwise, they could end up going to the wrong destinations. One might think that the use of checks as payments is declining. But, check payments are still a much-used payment method in 2016.

How computer checks make life easier

There is one innovative solution to the issues surrounding check payments. More firms are opting for computer checks! In a nutshell, this is where checks get printed electronically from a PC or Mac.

In the United States, more companies are choosing to issue a QuickBooks Check to each client. The way that it works is simple. One prepares the check details using QuickBooks and prints them out.

Of course, checks cannot get printed out on an ordinary piece of paper. Instead, they must get issued on proper computer checks. Accounting departments can buy blank checks that work with QuickBooks templates.

The checks get added to the printer as if they were normal sheets of paper. Next, the QuickBooks user selects the right template from the software. They then enter the recipient's details in QuickBooks and print them out.

The result? A check that gets printed out in seconds and with all the right details!

Advantages of computer checks

There are many benefits of using computer checks for QuickBooks. Users can issue hundreds or even thousands of checks that get printed out in a short period. Plus, there's no confusion about misspelt names or incorrect payment amounts.

Computer checks also portray a professional image of the company issuing them.

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