Dallas, Texas; 23, April 2015: Inevitably you notice someone playing on their phone conjuring up the next great app idea; the next Snapchat or Instagram. The next thought on your mind is how can I do that? Texas web developer, Amerald LLC is looking to help create your next mobile application. 

Amerald LLC, specializes in creating mobile applications from consultation to development and support. Over 100 companies have chosen Amerald LLC for their application development projects, serving 4 million users daily and growing. When creating a mobile app there are several questions to consider. What is the scope of the app and how much work it will take to make it a reality? Will it be for Android and iOS platforms? Will there be a mobile web version as well as native? How many individual screen layouts are necessary to fulfill the app’s core functions? Amerald LLC will be happy to answer all your questions to make you feel as comfortable and confident as possible. 

Here are several mobile applications that Amerald LLC can create: 

HTML5- has revolutionized the mobile app domain, freeing developers from the traditional cross-platform development limitations. HTML5 mobile applications are cost effective way to bring your web application to mobile platforms. These apps run on all devices that have Internet access. 

Cross platform apps- are the next best thing to native apps — Write once and publish for any platform, boasting the cost-effectiveness while remaining fully interoperable. 

Native apps- are designed specifically for an individual platform — Amerald LLC makes use of the device-specific features and external libraries to create a tailored result with engaging application experience. 

Amerald LLC has a very extensive background in web development and aim to fulfill their clients ‘business needs with precision and efficiency. From custom application development to full system integration, they help your organization streamline operations and automate procedures. 

About Amerald LLC: 

Amerald LLC is an IT Services, Game Development and Consultancy firm established in 2011. With over 50 clients in UK and the US, their reputation is built upon commitment to deliver excellence in all aspects of the development process. To create your mobile app or other IT services, visit them at www.amerald.com