Facelift is one of the elective cosmetic surgery procedures chosen by men and women in their late 40s and 50s. Technically known as rhytidectomy, a facelift surgery reverses the signs of age, genetics and sun damage from the face. A facelift also contours lower two third of face, the upper one third can be rejuvenated by other elective cosmetic procedures such as brow lift, forehead lift and eyelid surgery.

There are many factors affecting the cost of facelift surgery, the main factors being, hospital fee, surgeon’s fee and extent of procedure. There are some other factors if one chooses to get the surgery done outside his/her home country, to name a few — charges incurred on travel and stay in a foreign country.

Surgeon’s fee — A large chunk of the overall charges of facelift goes to surgeon’s fee. The qualification and experience of the surgeon together determine surgeon’s fee. An experienced and board certified surgeon would apparently charge more than a less qualified surgeon. Additional charges that are counted along with surgeon’s fee are anesthesia fee.

Hospital fee — One of the major factors that affect the cost of facelift is hospital fee. The geographical location of the hospital determines the cost of the surgery. A bigger hospital facility costs more than a smaller facility. 

Combining other procedures — A large cost determining factor are the number of procedures that are advised with facelift for complete facial rejuvenation. Many people choose to get the facelift done with other elective facial procedures such as brow lift or eyelid lift or a forehead lift or non surgical procedures such as botox or dermabrasion or a chemical peel. It is more economical if many procedures are done at once since it incurs one time anaesthesia and facility fee rather than going for individual procedures.

In US, the average cost of facelift is approximately 18,000 USD which further goes up to 25,000 USD for combined procedures. In countries likeIndia, where latest techniques and advancing technologies are on par with any other world class facility, the charges of facelift are much less than those compared with other western countries.

If one chooses to get the plastic surgery done inIndia, of the overall cost of the procedure, there are certain variables, such as — travel and stay charges inIndia. If one takes into account all the variables affecting cost of facelift including hospital fee, surgeon’s fee and extent of the procedure, the overall fee of facelift in India is as less as 6,000 USD. Thus, the charges of facelift inIndiaare even less than a third of what one would pay in European countries. It makes more economical sense to get a facelift done inIndiarather than in US or UK or Australia.

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