28, May 2016:Tel-Aviv, Israel - There's no denying that Israel is one of the most visited nations in the world. The country's history has a rich tapestry that dates back even before biblical times. Millions of tourists visit Israel each year to learn more of and enjoy the country's history.

Hallelujah Tours

To experience what the country has to offer, it often makes sense to embark on a guided tour. There is a vast selection of providers available. But, one, in particular, has proven to be a hit with visitors to Israel.

Hallelujah Tours is a provider of boutique tour guide services. Certified by the Ministry of Tourism, their goal is to provide a fun and memorable experience. So, what makes this top TripAdvisor-rated provider Israel's premier tour guide provider?

Professional tour services

There is one reason Hallelujah Tours is a leading provider of Jerusalem day tours. The company offers a different approach to how they offer their services. Unlike most of their competitors, they only arrange tours in small groups. Doing so enables them to communicate effectively with all tour group attendees. Tour groups consist of no more than 16 participants.

It also means that Hallelujah Tours can offer a truly personal service. The guides can answer all questions and ensure everyone has an enjoyable time.

A multi-lingual tour operator

What makes Hallelujah Tours unique is their ability to provide a bespoke service. That means they can cater for specific requirements. For instance, one might assume that tour guides can only speak in Hebrew or English.

Hallelujah Tours offers its services in a variety of languages. Examples include Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and more. The tour company has a Ministry of Tourism license to offer its services in many languages.

Luxurious and spacious vehicles

Temperatures can get quite hot during the summer months in Israel. When embarking on a guided tour, comfort and convenience are important. Hallelujah Tours has a fleet of both luxurious and spacious vehicles for its clients. All vehicles come with air conditioning, making travel within Israel even more enjoyable!

Variety of tour options

One of the most popular choices that Hallelujah Tours offers is day trips to Jerusalem. But, the tour operator also provides a range of options in other parts of Israel too.

For instance, one can include a tour along the Dead Sea or go kayaking in the Jordan River. The beautiful ancient Roman ruins at Caesarea are also another popular choice. Other options include Tel- Aviv, the old city of Jaffa and the Golan Heights.

About Hallelujah Tours

Hallelujah Tours is a boutique tour operator located in Israel. The provider operates tours of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, and other popular destinations. They use a fleet of luxury air-conditioned vehicles for groups of up to 16 people. Hallelujah Tours has a Ministry of Tourism and can offer its services in many languages.

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