An exchange rate refers to the amount of money that you will be required to pay to get a full unit of currency of another country.  If you are in the United States, the prices of products and services that you will be seeing will be priced in US dollars which the local currency of the United States of America.  This situation is similar when you are in Spain, where the goods are sold in Euros and is the widely accepted currency is the Euro region. In the US, if you want to buy a pizza that costs $4, you must forfeit $4 to get it.  The same logic is followed when you purchase a currency.  If a British pound is worth $2, then you must pay an equivalent amount in dollars for every pound that you purchase.



When you purchase a product that has been produced in any member country of the European Union, the maker of that product would not want you to pay in US dollars, but rather, in their own currency, which is the Euro.  This is one of the most powerful currencies of the world and used by 23 European countries including Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Vatican City, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, etc.  The value of this currency is dependent upon the amount of dollars, pounds or other currencies that you can convert it into.


The foreign exchange rate of the dollars, Euros, and other currencies is determined by currency traders in the Forex market.  The rate of exchange changes according to how traders assess the rewards and the risks for holding the currency.  Their assessment is based on several factors like the central banks interest rates, the debt level, and the country’s economy whether strong or poor.


Once these factors are known to the traders, they will decide to bid up the price.  They do this if they believe that the currency, Euro, for example, will increase in value as they notice that the economic growth is getting stronger, or there is a rise in the interest rates.  At the same time other traders may bid down the exchange rate once they see that the currency value is declining.  This is therefore a complex interaction that decides the price of the currency at any given time.


Converting your money into a foreign currency is not an easy task because the rates of exchange are changing every minute in a day. While the value of exchange is not very significant for trading small amounts, at the end of the day, you will realize how much the currencies vary.


You may want to consider the currency converter or the currency exchange calculator to help you determine the value of your own money.  You just need to input the amounts that you want calculated and converted into the currency that you require.  This is a program that you can rely upon and it will do all the calculations for you so you will be knowledgeable about how much money you need to shell out for your particular transaction.  This currency converter tool can be your trustworthy companion whichever place you go to, and whatever purchase you intend to make with a foreign currency.  With this tool you can be sure that you will not be easily fooled on financial deals as you travel from one country to another.

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