China - To accommodate the different coil processing, the automatic winding machine need to have the function of speed controlling. This is also the very typically problem from the customers of Ningbo Nide Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd which is China leading manufacturer for Armature Winding Machine. However, the engineer from this manufacturer has told people that the speeding controlling function of this machine is mainly determined by the driving motors such as AC motors, DC motors and servo driving motors in the machinery system. Each motor has unique characteristic for speed controlling. The following content is the main description about different speed regulating style for different kinds of motors.

First point should be the AC motor¡¯s speed controlling. However, the AC motor itself does have the function of speed controlling function. So, it needs to be installed with the electromagnetic control devices or VFD to achieve the function of speed controlling. In the Armature Winding Machine with the AC motor driving, people could commonly find the VFD speed controlling mode. The detailed operating step should be people¡¯s operation through the control system and then the controlled VFD will let the motor have different operating speed. However, this mode could also help people save enough energy.

The second type should be related with the DC motor speed control mode. The DC motor of the winding machine needs to transform the commonly electric supplying into the DC power to drive the motor so that all of the DC motor is configured with the DC motor speed control board that could help operator drive the motor. The structure of this motor is simpler than the former DC motor. On the other hand, as the small volume of the DC motor, it has already been largely applied into small winding equipment.

The thirdly speed controlling mode is related with the servo driving motor. This sort of motor belongs to the precision moving parts that could be used for high-precision winding equipment and the using of the dedicated driving system could help the winding machine with this motor achieve closed-loop operation control. The typical features of this type of motor should be the constant torque and closed-loop operation which could meet the processing requirements of the coil with high precision.

In summary, the speed controlling mode of the Powder Coating Equipment mainly depends on the motor they had applied. Different motor type has different speed controlling type. Each consumer need to pay more attention to this point before they choose to purchase their winding equipment from

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