China - In order to let each consumer have fully impression about the high quality of oil painting reproductions from famous China handmade oil painting supplier Refine Gallery, the specialized artist from this China will introduce with people how their professional artist use their pencil to create sketch of the painting .

For the majority of ordinary men, the sketch of the oil painting is just the draft of the finished oil painting. They have the thought that painter only use their pencil to draw few lines to create the roughly shape of images but the ultimate effect of the oil painting reproduction could be determined by the color. However, this situation only could be suitable for painter who uses the directly painting method. For classical realist artist, the sketch is very important for them. It is the language of all artist styles.

The artist from Refine Gallery said that they will trigger an ideal draft and then use their special pencil to draw main and general composition and character of the image. After this step, they will perform sketches by the carefully viewing to the model or the high definite original oil painting photo. In this step, artist will try their best to describe mainly character appearance of these objects.

In the drawing process for the sketch, the artist from famous China oil paintings supplier Refine Gallery will fully appreciate the inherent qualities and features of the original oil painting image. This is the foundation of high quality oil painting. Only in that way could the painting finish a piece of high level reproduced oil painting.

After second step, the artist will begin their third step for sketch drawing. This step emphasizes on the contour processing which will let the image shape become more and more plump and figures will produce a sense of relief under the action of light and shadow while the local content of the sketch will also be greatly enriched.

After the finish of the sketch, the artist will copy the sketch onto the canvas in a very rigorous approach. Seen in this light, the drawing sketch is a flexible modeling process that allows and even encourages the continuous modifications and adjustments all of which are aimed at create a clear visual image so that the artist from Refine Gallery could create the high quality oil painting reproduction.

After the reading for above description, each people should have the same feeling about the serious attitude of artist from Refine Gallery. For more information about their handmade oil painting, please visit their official website

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