There are many Easter activities for kids , from egg-shaped sugar cookies to decorated Easter baskets to hold their eggs. Many parents utilize family programming and kids’ TV shows as supplemental tools for teaching their children important lessons. Many of these shows pull from themes that change on a weekly or monthly basis. Raggs, for example, a children’s television show featuring music for kids, presents a new theme each month, and, in tune with Valentine’s Day, the theme for February was Celebrating Friendship.

Friendship is a common theme used by kids’ educational programs because it encompasses a variety of themes, like sharing, working together, and the importance of being fair. The friendship theme also gives these programs the opportunity to create fun songs to which the kids can sing and dance. In fact, many studies reveal that children learn best through participation.

This means that, although they may appear to simply be playing, children are active learners, learning through active involvement with the assignment or lesson. When they are able to sing and dance along, as in the Raggs hit friendship song, “Little Bit of Love,” children are fully attentive to the lesson, and, most importantly, they’re having fun -

This active teaching is best evidenced in the extracurricular and art classes offered at most primary schools. Whether it’s are or music, when children are able to express themselves, they are able to explore and test their potential of their own creativity and knowledge.

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