When you have a small business, to obtain a consistent loan may seem just a dream. Usually the creditors are quite skeptical when they are dealing with small businesses that may also be at their beginnings. This is why you may consider that you have no hope. You can’t be more wrong than that. If you will read the following rows of this article, you will be able to discover your chance. You can obtain a $ 100,000 small business loan and even a $ 1,000,000 small business loan if you know where to search. When you want to develop your business, you know that you are talking about a big investment. Maybe you may want to renovate your restaurant, or open another workshop. There are many small businesses in different industries that need to grow. This means that a financial support is more than required. How can you obtain such $ 100,000 small business loan? As it was already mentioned, there are financial institutions that want to help small businesses to increase their profit. You can have such loan if you fit their standards perfectly. Which are these standards? To obtain a $ 100,000 small business loan, you must prove that you are an eligible client for them. This can be proved only with the right documentation. What is the documentation that will bring you the $ 100,000 small business loan? You will have to have a good credit score, you need to give to these creditors your previous bank statements, your credit card bank statements and also documentation about your monthly revenues and also you will have to specify from how long you are in this business. In addition, you will have to present them your marketing plan so you can prove that you have leadership qualities. After presenting this documentation and after you will fill up the application forms, you will find out in the same day if you will receive the $ 100,000 small business loan. At the beginning of this article, another amount was mentioned. In the rows above it was described how you can get a $ 100,000 loan, but how can you get a $ 1,000,000 small business loan. The conditions are quite similar with the ones described above. As you can imagine for such big amount you really need to have clean credit records. The good thing about these loans is that they are usually short terms ones. This means that the interests will be smaller. These financial institutions will also offer you an online portal with which you can monitor your account. To get a $ 1,000,000 small business loan, your business must have at least one year old and the revenues must be at least $ 10,000 per month. As you can imagine, for obtaining your $ 1,000,000 small business loan, your revenues must be more than the minimum accepted. Your credit records are also important, as it was already mention. Search for this opportunity on the internet and read all the info needed so you can decide if this is a good move for your business wellbeing or not. You can read reviews and visit forums where people who have accessed such loans from a creditor share their experience and their opinions. In conclusion, if you want a $ 100,000 small business loan or a $ 1,000,000 small business loan you must find the most reliable financial institution.