Today, End Game Digital a startup focused digital community building and is giving the tactics they utilized to grow a community of nearly 13,000 active passionate users on one of their social media projects

When asked about the program, startup founder Naeem Scott had this to say:

Austin, Tx: “We are in the future, technology has advanced, yet there is a disconnect in the understanding that the average user has. In order to ensure that this knowledge is distributed outside the normal pathways, outside the areas that are determined by the highest bidder. We are training artists, creatives, non-profits, and small businesses, to adapt to their environment and increase their visibility”

Google presence is important everyone knows that, as a goliath in the search industry if you are not found on google then you do not exist, this is the way that many people think however many successful businesses have been built without using google. There are many platforms channels, and traffic sources to use, from developed platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

To leveraging your personal network, and going about things in creative ways utilizing event marketing, and experiential events to create an awareness around your product.

In order to keep up in the age of digital, organizations and individuals must have some basic training in order to thrive. Those who have this knowledge are able to communicate with the services that drive traffic, and thus get attention.

Recognizing this, End Game digital is offering ongoing digital citizen training to those who would like to advance their cause, this free training is available to individuals who have a passion a cause, and a drive to move forward in their dreams.

This game changing training will offer qualified individuals and organizations the tools they need to mimic the same success that End Game Digital has had over the past year, in growing digital communities. This focus on building out a community of engaged interested people unified around a cause is critical for future stability and has had a tremendous impact on reaching individual and organizational objectives.

To learn more, and apply to the program interested parties can submit their interest at or email [email protected] with their interest

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