Northbridge, Australia; 14, June 2016: There is no denying that Facebook is a popular social network. Over one billion people use the platform on a daily basis, and it's a figure that is set to keep rising into the future.

Paul Ramondo

Facebook offers businesses and organizations the chance to advertise on its service. It offers a range of Facebook ad options where one can target users based on demographics. Although it boasts powerful advertising features, Facebook can be a minefield for new advertisers. In fact, many people end up spending money on ads that return few results.

$251,374.87 of sales from a month's worth of Facebook ads

A digital marketer named Paul Ramondo has found out the secrets to a high ROI. His website,, gives comprehensive details on how he achieved such lucrative results!

He spent $16,365.38 on Facebook ads over 32 days and gained a whopping $251,374.87 of sales. That equates to an ROI of over 1,436%! As one can imagine, many people have asked Paul Ramondo about the secrets to his success. The good news is he describes, in great detail, how he achieved such a feat.

The problem with Facebook ads

As mentioned, Facebook offers a powerful advertising interface. One can target specific niches using a variety of options. The sad truth is that many advertisers aren't using Facebook ads to their full potential.

The result is many advertisers end up with low conversions rates. And what's shocking is how most of those people assume that is what one can expect!

In Paul Ramondo's blog post, he explains how he discovered the Facebook ads blueprint. He talks about how he avoided going down the typical route of hiring a marketing agency. Instead, he invested a year's worth of his time and money on the cause.

Why is Facebook advertising so important?

Some advertisers feel that Facebook is a waste of time and money. But, it's one of the best platforms besides other PPC mediums like Google Ads! The thing about Facebook is that people from all walks of life use it on a daily basis.

From an advertising point of view, it brings together a global audience in one place. And from a cost perspective, Facebook is cheaper to advertise on than other mediums. Examples include newspapers and magazines.

Facebook advertising should be a part of any serious marketer's ad campaign strategies. It's useful for promoting a message, website, brand or e-commerce site. Plus, it's a practical way for organisations to engage with their audience.

About Paul Ramondo:

Hailing from Perth in Western Australia, Paul Ramondo is a well-known digital marketer. He is passionate about digital marketing and is keen to pass on his skills and knowledge to others.

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