Houston, TX; 06, May 2015: Houston-based residential solar energy company Simplify Solar has partnered with local non-profit STEM-focused organization South Union Community Development Corporation (SUCDC). One of the aims of Simplify Solar is to promote education — particularly renewable energy education and awareness — in the community. This coincides with the aim of SUCDC which is to educate disadvantaged inner city kids and young adults towards Science, Technology, Engineering and Math careers. 

Simplify Solar members Sathvik Vasam and Shen Ge have taught solar energy on several occasions to the members of SUCDC. On a larger scale, SUCDC is very excited to have some of its members go through the upcoming Solar Ambassador program where people would be formally trained in solar energy and residential solar through the online educational portal Simplify Solar Learn. SUCDC is happy to be a pilot organization in going through this program. 

Equally exciting is the solar garden project where SUCDC plans to acquire $100,000 from large companies and crowd-funding to build a garden with solar panels on top at a ranch owned by a SUCDC board member. These solar panels would power an irrigation system for the garden, as well as, a nearby building which can be used as a renewable energy museum. Not only would this project teach the kids and young adults about solar energy and electricity, it’ll also help them in learning about mathematics and some data analysis from keeping track of energy savings. 

“We are very excited to be working with Simplify Solar in creating The New Power Generation students through Simplify Solar’s Solar Ambassador program, as well as, getting their technical help in the solar garden project,” says Efrem Jernigan, the President and Founder of SUCDC. 

About Simplify Solar: 

Simplify Solar is an end-to-end residential solar energy service provider which gives customers a comprehensive, transparent, and streamlined process to install solar panels for their homes as well as to track their energy production post-installation. By combining an automated software portal, a network of qualified solar installers, and an affordable hardware package, Simplify Solar is able to reduce the cost of solar installation by an average of 30%. Find out how at simplifysolar.com/start. 

For more information, please contact Shen Ge at +1(832)808-2371 or by email at [email protected] 

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