27 June, 2014: The Houston Chronicle – a newspaper based in Texas, US — recently published a piece offering advice to readers hoping to buy a gold engagement ring without completely ruining their finances. 

According to the article, it is possible to acquire a suitable gold engagement ring — or one of another material — without spending the requisite three months’ salary that the diamond industry claims to be the norm. To help brides and grooms-to-be achieve this goal, the article suggested a number of tips regarding the purchase of this type of jewel. 

Many factors will influence a couple’s selection process when choosing an engagement ring. For some it simply comes down to aesthetics, but for many other couples, choosing a ring that comes from ethical origins is equally important. Sadly, finding a Fairtrade gold engagement ring can be hard so it is best to seek out experts in the field. One of these experts is Jon Dibben who, as one of the first twenty unique engagement ring designers licensed to make jewellery using the world’s first certified Fairtrade and Fairmined gold and platinum, can truly ensure that your ring comes from ethical sources. A couple should evaluate their priorities before beginning the shopping process in order to avoid impulse purchases. 

Other factors, according to the Chronicle staff writer, are a matter of common-sense, with the most apparent of these being the consideration of immediate financial consequences. Couples with lower incomes may not be able to reach the (somewhat inflated) standards set by the diamond industry, and ought not to be ashamed for acquiring a stone of a lower value. 

Being mindful of payment methods is another useful tip suggested by the Chronicle writer. Credit and financing are tricky propositions, and couples should venture into it at their own risk. Upgrading the ring at a later date is considered by the author to be a more responsible way of achieving the ‘dream jewel’ without financially impairing the couple’s future. 

Diamonds and gold continue to be the most popular combinations for engagement jewellery, even if new options have arisen within the field in recent years. 

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