Traditionally, when a consumer is purchasing a new cell phone or iPhone they are typically offered some type of insurance or extended warranty plan. These plans typically carry high premiums and even higher deductibles. Some deductibles more than the cost of the cell phone, tablet or device itself.

Cell phone damage like cracked screens is the most common issue amongst cell phone claims. Local Houston Texas entrepreneur found consumers to be pleased with the option of repairing their once damaged device. No premiums to pay and the cost of the repair is often times less than half of what deductible the insurance carrier would ask to collect.

Dr. Fixaphone quickly jumped in ranks for the premier choice in Cell Phone repair and quickly expanded into all different types of electronic repair. Currently fixing devices such as Macbooks, Gaming systems, Tvs, iPads, iPods and more. A few companies have tried to duplicate what Dr. Fixaphone has accomplished but the commitment to the community and competitive pricing is what still makes the company unique.

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