When you are looking for a house to live in, a newly built house is always the best option. New builds give you the freedom to design your house just the way you want. Depending on the personal choice of the family members, the rooms and the layout of the house can be planned. You can have lengthy and detailed consultations with builders before the plan is finalised. Experienced builders will advice you regarding maximum space utilisation and the overall look of the house. When there is a severe space crunch in your house, you can plan house extensions as an alternate plan, than changing house.


The price of a newly built is definitely higher than a house being resold. But, one of the major advantages is that you can even get an apartment customised to your choice when you book it at the construction stage. Some of the walls can be knocked down to make the kitchen or bathrooms larger or compact. New builds offer you great flexibility as you can choose a single-storey house or an apartment, whatever is your requirement. During house extensions you can not only add an additional room, but make any of the existing ones larger by merging it with another room or balcony.


You have to plan house extensions very carefully so that the plan blends well with the rest of the house. The new room should not look out of place, but a part of the whole layout. For extensions which are vertical you should opt for materials which are light weight yet strong. Specialist builders for extensions will provide best quality raw materials which you can choose from their online gallery. You can also add designer kitchens or bathrooms with home extension projects. You should check every aspect of new builds to ensure that your family is completely satisfied and convinced with the layout and other details.


One of the major benefits of engaging reputed builders is that you can be sure of the project being completed on time. Especially for new builds it is important for timely completion otherwise the project cost will increase making it difficult for you to manage financially. Leading builders will take up the entire project management, so you need not worry about organising the other deliverables like the task of electricians, plumbers or decorators. The builder you choose should have the expertise to match your property with the other buildings in the neighbourhood so that parity is maintained. If you have a garden you can plan house extensions utilising part of it and build a conservatory.


New builds offer you benefits of energy saving which may not be optimum in old constructions. The doors and windows provide a complete insulated envelope to keep the ambience comfortable yet cost effective. Also, the appliances used in new buildings are part of green building systems. So, you get a lower energy bill to pay. For years ahead you can save on repairs and renovations as all the things are new. With well-planned house extensions you can continue to stay in your house for many more years.


Get a dream house with new builds from leading builders. House extensions can be very beneficial to provide personal space for a growing family.