A new blog for the people interested in Dubai tourisms and hotels industry has been launched. This blog has come up with the idea of discussing the latest on hotels, resorts and other short stay options for people visiting Dubai.

Dubai has managed to attract tourists and professionals to its soil. Over the years, a lot of investment has gone in its infrastructure and real estate industry. Apart from the real estate, another major sector that contributes to the GDP of Dubai is the travel and tourism sector. Dubai has got probably the most attractive, beautiful and splendidly designed hotels in the world. People throughout the world want to visit Dubai and spend holidays in one of these classy hotels. The hotels in Dubai provide the customers with the best facilities of the world.

With so many remarkable hotels people get confused when deciding about the hotel they are going to stay in. Everybody has different requirements and they want to enjoy unique facilities in the hotels. Such individuals or families can visit this blog to see the posts and comments posted by others, regarding the hotels industry and their personal experiences about some specific hotels. The website is purely dedicated to hotels in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all over the UAE.

Dubai‘s booming hospitality industry and its vibrant growth has created a demand for a dedicated website that can represent both the tourists and hotels. This blog aims to cater this need by talking about all up coming projects and five star hotels. The blog presents the true picture of the hotels in Dubai and does not entice people by bringing up fake stories and rumors. You will find all sorts of information about hotel rates, reservation links, upcoming hotel projects, rental trends and the latest surveys in the hotel industry of Dubai. The blog also allows the visitors to comment and share their personal experiences for others to take benefit from, it also compares other famous hotels and their services from hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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