Melbourne, Australia; 09, June 2016: It's no secret that web hosting providers are plentiful. But, it can often be a challenge to find a host that fulfils one's needs. The sad truth is many people select a provider that is unsuitable for their site requirements. One leading web host, Hosting Australia, reveals how to choose the best provider:


It's crucial that a website loads fast whenever visitors access it. When comparing hosts, one should evaluate the speed and performance of the provider. Web hosts such as Hosting Australia have a cluster of high-speed servers.

Hosting Australia

Some hosting providers have servers located in other countries. It's a big problem because sites hosted on them will be slower to access. Plus, the providers cannot easily maintain them without relying on a third-party team.


These days there are over one billion live websites on the Internet. The sad truth is that some of those sites are vulnerable to security breaches. What's more, they are located on Australian soil, which offers you the protection of Australian law and the Australian privacy act that overseas providers cannot provide.

Website hacking can occur at a software level, usually via online Internet attacks. Hackers could exploit vulnerabilities in the server software. The result? They have carte blanche access to all sites hosted on the provider's servers.

It's important only to review providers that make security their top priority. A good web host will ensure that any security issues get resolved immediately. And they'll also alert customers to any potential security issues with their site software.

A good web host will also encourage the use of SSL. For example, any account control panels should only get accessed over a HTTPS connection. Doing so lowers the risk of hackers capturing account login details.

Disk space

Some providers might sell their services and boast of unlimited disk space. The truth is, many of them "oversubscribe" their customers. That's because they assume most sites won't use a lot of disk space.

With a database-driven site, storage space could soon get eaten up. Some hosts might even limit the disk space usage according to their "fair use" policies. Except they seldom inform their customers what those policies are!

It's important that one knows exactly what disk space limits they get before they sign up to a service. Hosting Australia, for example, offers 50GB of high performance disk space with all new accounts.


Those seeking a new web host should determine what features they need. For instance, many people will wish to have the option to upload SSL certificates. Others might want to have scores of email mailboxes for their organisations.

All customers will also want to receive a priority technical support service. Be sure to list the features needed from a web host. That way, it's easy to shortlist only the providers that meet all those needs.

About Hosting Australia:

Hosting Australia offers a premium web hosting service with local support. All servers are located on Australian soil and have a 99.9% uptime reliability. They offer one, six and twelve-month hosting packages for ultimate flexibility.

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