(Free Press Release) Sprint Lay Expert is the latest system release from the Horse Racing Systems Group. It is designed to enable horse racing enthusiasts achieve consistent results in selecting the right horse to bet on. The new system will bring a stable level of profitability to the user‘s portfolio of systems. Sprint Lay Expert is a quality lay betting system designed to be used during the UK Flat horse racing season. The system provides historic results spanning five years. In these five years, the system has shown amazing results with good stable profits. The system comes with a detailed manual and in depth video that shows the user the exact selection process that is to be adopted.

For people that would like to know more can visit http://www.horse-racing-systems.net/new-system-releases where they can find out the full details of the system. Also, visitors will be able see detailed information relating to this and other top horse racing systems, where they will be able to find out:
• Detailed analysis of the top performing systems available
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The Sprint Lay Expert system is produced by the leadership of the Horse Racing Systems group, Chris Castell. Founded in 2010, The Horse Racing Systems Group is a horse racing systems Specialist Company that helps racing enthusiasts to achieve their profit target and to achieve a higher degree of consistency.

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