Horror To Get A Different Kind Of Twist On Sahara One’s Haunted Nights With  Adhuri Dulhan


Haunted Nights aired on Sahara One is gearing up for yet another spine-chilling series this time revolving around the concept of cursed spirit with ‘Adhuri Dulhan’. It is a weeklong thrilling and ominous series with popular TV actors like Adita Wahi, Neeta Shetty, Parul chaudhary, Varun Khandelwal and Nayan Bhatt playing the pivotal roles.


The plot of the series highlights the story of a girl Kamini (Parul Chaudhary), who is in love with Vikram and they will eventually get married. However, while driving back home Vikram and Kamini’s car meets with a major accident in which Vikram dies instantly after a rod pierces his chest. Kamini who is also badly injured can’t take the trauma of seeing Vikram dying in front of her own eyes. Vikram’s family who were never happy with their marriage blames Kamini for Vikram’s death and his mother curses her that she will never be a Suhagan in any of her life. Kamini howls and screams hearing the curse as her heart rate gets very abrupt and she dies. Her sindoor and blood trickle, and small trail of it enters in her eyes......


The story then takes an interesting turn when Kamini’s cursed spirit tries to separate the newly married couple Ashok and his wife Puja to fulfill her unfulfilled desire of living a life of a Suhaagan.


Will Kamini succeed in getting Ashok’s spirit to her world and live a life of Suhagan?



Week of April 15-19, Monday to Friday at 7.30 p.m On Sahara One


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