Add a traditional or contemporary appearance to your Colorado house by treating it with chic horizontal blinds. They are an perfect way of controlling the amount of sunlight entering a room. Horizontal blinds give you the ability to in comfort change the light and permit for privacy at the same time. They are optimal for horizontal or vertical windows providing you greatest view-through when opened, most advantageous privacy when closed. venetian blinds are are optimal for windows that are taller than they are wide. You may choose window treatments put together from premium hardwoods, tough polymers (Faux), versatile aluminum, and now long-lasting fabric.

Aliminum Blinds may provide a classic or a sleek, contemporary look that combines style with durability, reliability and affordability. Aluminum blinds come in the following sizes: one-half inch, also known as the micro-blind; one inch, usually called the mini-blind; and two inch, referred to as the macro-blind. Mini-blinds also come with certain features which hides cord holes absolutely for impressive light-blocking action, and a masked control system that eliminates the cord totally and lets you raise and let down your venetian blinds with only the touch of a finger.

Faux Wood Blinds are a practical alternative to wooden blinds. Their substance and versatility are integrated with an affordable price. Faux Wood blinds will not fade, warp or crack. These blinds are ideal for areas with high humidity, extreme temperatures, and direct sunlight. Faux Wood blinds are available in wood-tone stains and a multitude of shades of white. Faux Wood venetian blinds come with 2 and 2 1/2 inch slats, designer valances, cloth tapes, and specialty shapes.

Wood Blinds generate a proclamation in any room. From casual to formal, nothing adds warmth to a room quite like Wood blinds. Wood venetian blinds provide good light control and privacy. There are slat sizes ranging from 1" to 3 5/8" to fit different depths of window frames and have distinctive views through. Wood blinds come with fancy cloth tapes, pure painted whites, luxurious stains, oil rubbed finishes, and designer valances. Wood blinds are still possible in rustic wood styles, with visible knots and other unique wood characteristics. They are lighter than Faux Wood Blinds, so are easier to pull up.

Odysee Insulating Blinds, put together from long-lasting polyester fabric, are the world's first blind uniquely designed for the most insulation. Odysee mixes the economical efficiency of cellular shades, with the flexible light control of traditional wood venetian blinds. Open or shut the blind. Expand or compress the vanes. Change the vanes to any point in between, according to the varying light or your changing moods.

Blinds have
marvelous light control and privacy. Change a few degrees of slant and your entire room can take on a whole new feel.

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