25, February 2016: International Consumer Electronics (CES) was held in UAS this year. The 6-day-long trade show attracted a good many scooter-lovers. Hundreds of scooter-makers from all over the world came together, celebrating this festival trade show. Airwheel also attended this show. It brought its excellent models of all descriptions. There were the single-wheeled intelligent scooter, twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter and the two-wheeled self-balancing scooter like S3 and S5. Hoot was motivated by the name of Airwheel and CES, thereby taking part in this long-expected trade show. At the trade show, he experienced several models released by Airwheel recently.


Once the trade show opened in the morning, Hoot rushed into the booth of Airwheel. In the booth, he saw many models of electric scooters, like A3, S5 and M3. These models merely appeared online or in pictures. This time, he witnessed them. He was excited and went into rapture. With the knowledge that the visitor was allowed to have a go at the scooters display, he became extremely happy. That day was destined to be an unforgotten day for him. He had a try on A3, S5 and M3. M3 is the most recent model. It looks like the traditional skateboard. This kind of electric skateboard is equipped with the battery as well as the equipment of wireless connection. This is the main draw of M3.


In addition to M3, Hoot also rode the two-wheeled intelligent scooters A3 and S5. Airwheel A3 stroke Hoot as modern-day and advanced. The hydraulic suspension ensures the ability to keep balance. When A3 runs on the switchback road, it also can offer a comfortable ride. Although the floor in the booth was even, Hoot still experienced its advanced technology like the connection into the mobile phone via APP. On the mobile phone, Hoot locked the scooter and then unlocked the scooter. With this handy function, there was no need for him to worry about theft.

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