Hong Kong, June 16, 2014: In modern industries, tin plates have a wide variety of applications. This is the reason why several companies look out for high quality tin plates for their industrial, packaging and supplying needs. All such companies can now benefit from the all-time ready stock of tin plates and tin free steel coils and sheets, maintained by Hong Kong based Mirach Metallurgy Company. The company has a high-capacity manufacturing base and delivers high-quality electrolyte tin plates in bulk quantities. 

Mirach supplies tin plate coils and sheets across the world. All industrial customers can remain assured of getting the best quality electrolyte tin plates in any desired volume throughout the year. The spokesperson of the company reveals, “At Mirach, we believe that our customers should never feel the scarcity of tin plates for their industrial use. We maintain a ready stock of SGS qualified tin plates that are the best in the industry.” 

Tin plates are available in varied thickness and width in their stock, and a company is sure to find the tinplate in the desired specification. Moreover, they offer custom product development, and a company can send them the request for their precise requirements. The spokesperson maintains that they focus on the production of supreme quality MR, DR grade tinplates and one can find these high quality low-carbon tin plates readily available in their stock. 

Moreover, they also maintain stocks of tin-free steel coils that are highly resistant to corrosion. These sheets and coils provide a unique surface luster and can be used for packaging a variety of contents. These sheets can be used as both inner and outer layers for packaging content and can keep the content protected for a significantly larger period of time. 

By maintaining a ready stock of tin plates and tin-free steel sheets, the company helps industries to carry out their business operations in an uninterrupted manner. In order to check the availability of products in their stock and their specifications, one may visit the website http://www.mirachmetallurgy.com/. 

About Mirach Metallurgy Co. Limited: 

Mirach Metallurgy Company is a Hong Kong based supplier of Electrolytic Tinplate for Food and Industrial Packaging. They have been in the business of manufacturing, supplying and export of electrolytic tin plates, tinplate coil, tinplate sheet, ETP & TFS for industrial and food packaging since 1999. 

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