(Free Press Release) The industry‘s first relationship management tool helps agencies manage clients better and grow their contact base.

San Diego, CA October 20, 2010 -- Schedule. Manage. Grow. Three words that every home care agency wants to do easily and effectively. Now they can. HomeTrak, the leader in home care management and scheduling software, announces the launch of HomeTrak Companion. It is the first complete home care agency software platform that integrates scheduling, management and relationship building into one solution.

As a flexible, dynamic and scalable platform, non-medical home care agencies looking for a simple way to manage clients from anywhere can easily integrate HomeTrak Companion into their business. The upgraded software enables clients to centralize access to client scheduling and agency management, including the client, employee, payroll, billing and relationship modules.

“Unlike home grown systems or other scheduling software, HomeTrak Companion combines the right people, the best matches and agency management tools into one single platform. In particular, we are extremely proud of the relationship management module. Through visual cues in the software, HomeTrak Companion shows you how people interrelate and allows you to build referrals and agency growth in a way that has never been done before in this industry. I like to think of it as your own personal LinkedIn for building home care business. It is always working in the background, showing you ways to make connections you wouldn‘t normally think of,” commented Rick Morey, CEO of HomeTrak.

Created for non-medical home care agencies, HomeTrak Companion is designed to meet the needs of those operating a home care business. It tracks detailed and ever-changing information on clients and caregivers while keeping the agency informed of who is referring those clients and caregivers. It also helps create a better match of the right caregivers with the right clients through a proprietary matching tool.

Morey continued, “Existing scheduling software to date has been rigid and doesn‘t address the day to day needs of operating a home care agency. There is more to being a successful home care agency than just scheduling. We also take into consideration that agencies need a solution at start-up. We have various levels of pricing to address whatever stage the agency is in. Bottom line, HomeTrak Companion is better, cheaper, more intuitive and more flexible.”

Previous users of HomeTrak will note the visual changes in the newly released HomeTrak Companion, including many icons and intuitive drag and drop screens. For a free demo or to view videos about updated features in HomeTrak Companion, please visit www.hometrak.com or call 1-866-740-6011.

About HomeTrak
Since 2001, HomeTrak has been owned and operated by an experienced private duty homecare industry team. It is this depth of experience (well over 25 years) and commitment that builds this superior software to enable clients to meet business challenges. Owned by Rick Morey, Alex Kapteyn and Ray Kapteyn, the company now has well over 1,000 satisfied customers in the United States, Canada and Europe. As a homecare leader, Rick is a charter member of the National Private Duty Association (NPDA) and serves on their board of directors. For more information visit HomeTrak on the web at www.hometrak.com, or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/hometrak

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