15, May 2013: San Diego’s premier rain gutter service AAA Pro1 Rain Gutters in San Marcos today shared the three top reasons why homeowners should use pro rain guttering installation, rather than doing it themselves. 

According to owner Greg Martin, the rain gutter professional says the single greatest threat to any structure is moisture. “The longer a home or building is exposed to moisture, the greater the damage can be.” 

Martin further states that repairing a moisture-damaged home can be very expensive. So therefore the importance of having a functional drainage system on the house is crucial as it catches the moisture and drains it away from the house. “All play a key part of removing moisture from the proximity of the house and shuttling it away where it cannot cause damage,” says the source, who cautions against homeowners carrying out their own installation, repairs or maintaining their rain gutters themselves. This he believes can be a grave and costly mistake. 

Following are the top three reasons, according to the San Marcos based AAA Pro1 Rain Gutters installation service provider, why a San Diego homeowner should seek professional installation versus choosing to install their rain gutters by themselves: 

1. Some professional guttering installation contractors are equipped to install seamless gutters. AAA Pro1 specializes in seamless rain gutters. Seamless gutters are far less likely to leak and they look a lot better on the house. Sectional gutters show seams and can be an eye sore on your house. They are also far more likely to leak, which can allow moisture damage to the house. Additionally, one of the advantages of a seamless gutter, its long length, can be a major disadvantage to a novice DIY homeowner during installation. A sudden gust of wind can grab the gutter and damage it. 

2. The second reason for using a professional contractor to install rain gutters is safety. Many people are not accustomed to working on a roof. Slips and falls can happen easily and quickly, leading to broken arms, legs or worse. A professional contractor knows his way around a roof and the use of various dangerous tools involved in guttering installation. If an accident does happen, his insurance should cover his bruises and breaks, not yours. 

3. Professional gutter installers are able to notice the little things during guttering installation that a do it yourself installer may not notice. For example, a professional will notice a smaller area of damage quicker than a novice. Having a professional do the installation also serves as a way to get a professional ‘check-up’ on the roof and fascia boards. 

According to the AAA Pro1 Rain Gutters source, the aforementioned are the three top reasons to hire a professional to install rain gutters. “It just does not make any sense to try to do the project yourself in order to save money when in the long run you may end up spending a lot more to repair moisture damage or recover from an unfortunate injury,” says guttering installation professional. 

For further information about professional rain gutter installers AAA Pro1 Rain Gutters and the services they offer please visit their website at http://aaapro1raingutters.com/faqs or call 760-445-8762 

Watch a video about rain gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance on YouTube here: http://youtu.be/OJUUdz2QMK0