Plantation shutters are a window fahion that is both classic and current that at no time goes out of style. Window shutters at once convert the style of your Parker, Colorado windows and complement any decor. Window shutters add real value to your Parker, Colorado home that is as practical as they are beautiful, and they should last a lifetime. They are likewise a terrific source of insulation for your windows, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Like any investment, only shutters of exceptional quality will have long-term value and raise appreciation. Shutters come in a multitude of varieties including, Composite Wood, Real Wood, Vinyl, and Poly.

Composite wood shutters mix the warm appearance and richness of real wood shutters with the soundness and performance of composite window shutters. More economical than real wood, they will perform pleasantly with your family's active lifestyle, because are scratch resistant, humidity resistant and washable making them less sensitive to environmental effects. Constructed from a specialized wooden composite material, ordinarily MDF, they are impossible to distinguish from real wooden window shutters. Louver sizes range from 1 7/8" to 4 1/2". Typically they just come in shades of white, but a few manufacturers offer a number of wood tone colors. The composite material tends to sag at greater widths, so single panels may only be constructed at 30" to 34" wide

Real wooden plantation shutters are fabricated from many kinds of wood most ordinarily Basswood, Poplar, Pine, Western Red Cedar, and Knotty or Select Alder. They may be custom manufactured to your specifications with your choice of framing material, either painted or stained, and louver sizes ranging from 1" to 5 1/2". Real wood is lighter and more stable than composite, so wider individual panels can be fabricated in sizes up to 36" to 50" wide. Real wood is not suitable for extreme humidity areas like a number of of the additional kinds of window shutters are.

Vinyl plantation shutters are an easy-to-care-for alternate. They're durable, and for those with small children, they are a choice that is easily cleaned. They also handle difficult environments well, such as extreme humidity areas. Louver sizes are 2 1/2", 3 1/2", and 4 1/2". They can be manufactured at increased widths with use of aluminum reinforcing on the inside. These window shutters are hollow and need caps to cover the ends of the components. This can be unattractive to a number of people.

Poly plantation shutters are built with a solid PVC polymer material that should not chip, crack, warp or split. Since the polymer material is softer than wood, they should be coated with hard baked on finish to it protect from dents. It is moisture resistant, fire resistant, and impervious to termites (as is Vinyl). Louver sizes also come in 2 1/2", 3 1/2", and 4 1/2". Poly should have aluminum tubing molded into the components to give rigidity at greater widths, generally up 36" wide for an individual panel. They appear the same as wood shutters, but simply come in shades of white.

Plantation shutters offer outstanding energy efficiency. Not only do window shutters insulate from temperature extremes, but they further are perfect for sound insulation. Plantation shutters are an asset that will be appraised into the value of your Parker, Colorado house. They are both handsome and durable. Shutters should be considered discriminating furniture for you windows. They are absolutely a lifetime asset.

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