Tax preparation specialist Frank Ellis walks readers through the energy tax credits available in 2016 to homeowners for making improvements more affordable, on the File My Taxes Online website.

October 14, 2015 — “Energy Tax Credits for Home Improvements” are highlighted in a new article by Frank Ellis, on File My Taxes Online. The tax preparation expert discusses various energy tax credits homeowners may qualify for in 2016. These make home improvements more affordable.

The first is the Non-Business Energy Property Credit. Homeowners can claim 10% of the price of home improvements that qualify under the deduction. Labor and installation fees are not covered, but one can claim energy efficiency improvements such as exterior windows, insulation, or metal/asphalt roofs. A variety of residential energy property expenditures are also included; they’re listed further by the author.

Since 2005, the credit has a lifetime limit of $500, broken down to specific improvements outlined by Ellis.

The Residential Energy Efficiency Property Credit lets homeowners claim 30% of the cost of alternative energy equipment, says the author. Solar electric property, fuel cell property, and other efficiency improvements such as solar water heaters, small wind energy installations, and geothermal heat systems are included.

No dollar limit is imposed for many property types, according to the author. For most energy efficiency properties, the credit can exceed the amount you owe in taxes, and the unused portion claimed for the following tax season.

The author suggests using TurboTax software to claim the residential energy tax credit. A possibility for a bigger refund from the IRS is also mentioned.

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