15, August 2017: When it comes to helping local, national, and international communities, Home Comfort USA and owner Ken Starr know a thing or two about making a difference. This is evident in the work done with many high-profile organizations, including Compassion International.

Starr has chosen to sponsor Compassion International - an organization founded more than 60 years ago - to help orphans living on the streets across the world. Started by Reverend Everett Swanson, Compassion International offers various programs to help some of the children around the world in great need.

As soon as Swanson saw orphans living on the streets of Seoul after the Korean War, he dedicated his efforts to create an orphanage to help provide the children with food, education, shelter, medical attention, and more. This same compression ring true for Ken Starr and the rest of the team at Home Comfort USA who now sponsors children in Bolivia, Thailand, the Philippines, El Salvador, and Colombia.

Ken Starr and top executive Landon Brewer will pick Home Comfort USA’s top performing team member each month and that individual gets to pick a child to sponsor. The company makes the sponsorship last for one year.

Through organizations such as Compassion International, as well as Awaken and The Sheepfold, Ken Starr, Landon Brewer, and the entire team at Home Comfort USA have been able to give back to the community and the world around them. We care about individuals and we won’t stop in our lifelong effort for a better future for individuals in need.

To learn more about Home Comfort USA, Compassion International, and Ken Starr’s efforts to improve the community and other organizations we work with, visit our website at https://www.homecomfortusa.com/.

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