(Free Press Release) St. Potap nunnery is situated at an altitude of 700 meters above the sea level in Greece. A beautiful view of the bay is seen from the nunnery ground. Peace and quiet ... There are the relics of St. Potap in the monastery which were obtained miraculously. Near them there occur a lot of healings. Tours to Greece offer a visit to this monastery.
If the Holy Mount Athos in Greece can be reached only by men, and visiting it is impossible for women, then the Holy Meteora the monk's mountain country, which can be seen by everyone due to a tourist trip to Greece. Meteora is amazingly beautiful in all seasons. Grandiose rocks, trying to rocket into the sky from the smooth surface of the Thessalian valley and reaching a height of 400 meters, got the name Meteora (from the Greek "meteoros - floating in the air). Unapproachable, totally cut off from the world the rocks tops in Greece become a shelter for hermits as early as in XI century. Three centuries later the first monastic communies arose here.
On the highest and largest by the area rock there is the Holy Transfiguration Monastery for men. Next to the large plateau there stands a rather small in its area rock with the Monastery of Barlaam for men. On one of the characteristic for the Saints Meteor apartly standing rocks the Monastery of the Holy Trinity nests founded in 1438 in Greece. The monastery of St. Stephen's is a small women's mansion founded in XV - XVI centuries. Until relatively recently, when roads were built to the monasteries, visitors could get there only with monks' help who raised them in special nets. How building materials were delivered there still remains unclear.
The men's monastery of Mega Spileon (Big Cave) founded in about IV century is one of the oldest in Greece. The monastery is known for its miraculous icon of the Mother of God, created from wax according to a legend by Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke. This miraculous icon is called "Spileotissa" (ie "from a cave"). It is surprising that, despite all the fires and destructions from which the monastery suffered the icon survived till our days. During a trip to Greece you must not miss a visit to this blessed place.
The monastery of St. Luke (Lucas Osios) is worth mentioning too. It is located on the western slopes of Mount Helicon, in 80 kilometers from Athens in Greece, in a picturesque , hilly regionbetween Boeotia and Phocis. As if signaling about the collapse of pagan Olympus, this monastery was built at the place of the temple of Demeter. The mosaics of the main temple of the monastery are one of the most outstanding examples of Byzantine monumental art in the whole world. A touristic trip to Greece will allow you to enjoy the monastaries' temples apparel and beauty of frescoes and mosaics.
A considerable number of temples are situated Loutraki in Greece, famous for its healing waters. This gift of the nature, "water of life" for many centuries is known all over the world. Loutraki has the only mineral springs in Greece, recognized by the European Community. Mineral water in Loutraki flows directly from the tap. It tastes very pleasant and contains a lot of magnesium and sodium. A trip to Greece will help to eel the amazing properties of "living" water of Loutraki and to worship the great Christian shrines.