(Free Press Release) On holiday in Turkey you can not only lounge under delicate sun rays, swim in pristine, azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea with its numerous beaches, but also restore your precious health.
For this purpose wonderful programs of recovery and rejuvenation of the whole organism are prepared especially for you in the best hotels in Turkey. To make it easier to choose the most appropriate service, we offer to take a look at some of them: thalassotherapy, mud therapy, physiotherapy, balneotherapy, etc.
Tours in Turkey are very popular among residents of all countries who come here to spend their holidays.
For a holiday in Turkey there is everything: pristine emerald seas, endless golden beaches, the gentle sun, dotted with pines mountain peaks, swift river flows and waterfalls. Having bought a tour to Turkey, do not forget to visit Pamukkale - a wonderful corner of our planet.
If you choose a holiday in Turkey, be sure you will not be disappointed: it's a wonderful country, where unforgettable experience will guide you at every step.
Holidays in Turkey it is not only beaches, water parks, buffet and disco. Huge choice of beach activities in Turkey, as well as diving, surfing, rafting, yacht cruises, jeep safaris, paragliding will fill your holiday in Turkey with rapt memories, and excursions to ancient sites and natural amenities will not allow your photo and video cameras to be bored! Travelling in Turkey is very popular among history fans.
Shopping in Turkey
Turkey is a real paradise for shoppers. Markets and bazaars of Turkey will amaze you with oriental colors, colorful sellers, offering everything your heart desires. Besides, Turkey is the most inexpensive of the Mediterranean countries.
Undoubtedly, the most famous shopping city is Istanbul, there are assembled the best products from all over the country (gold, jewelry, leather and leather products, fur coats, sheepskin coats and textiles). Covered Bazaar (Kapali Charm) is the most famous and largest of the Turkish bazaars, there are situated about 4000 stores on its territory.
Shopping tours to Turkey are very popular.
Climate of Turkey
Convenient geographic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia makes Turkey a paradise for visitors from around the world.
Natural conditions of Turkey are unusualy diverse: from glaciers and snow-capped peaks to arid steppes.
Beneficial subtropical climate of Turkey allows to receive tourists from early May till late September.
The climate of Turkey is predetermined by its geographical location, proximity to the sea, relief.
Air temperature in Turkey may reach 40 ° C in the shade, in winter rarely drops below 0 ° C.