The holiday season is the most awaited time of the year and surely nobody wants it to end. Parties and events cover up the entire season. Nobody spares a thought to the extra calories accumulated as a result of over-indulging in food and beverages. A plethora of cocktails is available for the numerous festivities that mark the year round. As a part of the holiday cocktails, one is free to choose from traditional or modern drinks. But the best would be to serve and be served a drink, that fits the holiday theme right.  


Whether you prefer your drink to be rich and creamy or fruity or minty or even tangy, refreshing holiday cocktails means you can make your choice among the hundreds on offer. Every occasion is different from the other.  Expert bartenders all across the globe suggest not to mix up the flavours for it loses its unique charm. If we talk about Christmas, right from Thanksgiving to the New Year’s eve there are countless options. How can we forget the decadent eggnog? It’s a drink that should be on everyone’s list during this time of the year. Plenty of countries have their signature cocktail during Christmas, meant for the masses. Some common Christmas cocktails, however, do not stay confined within the season’s delight, but make its way to big family meals or even low-key events.


Christmas is one among the many holiday seasons. There are wintry days and you prefer something warmer, while on the other hand summer months make you crave for chilling drinks. Get inspired from the list of some favourite holiday cocktails and incorporate them in your celebration time if you haven’t yet.


-Eggnog: A holiday is incomplete without eggnogs. A significant part of Christmas festivities, eggnogs are generally made of eggs beaten with sugar, milk, cream and a certain spirit. Over time, traditional recipes have given way to newer adaptations. You can serve it in a punch bowl with lots of whipped cream over the surface, top it with grated nutmeg and pour it in Irish coffee glasses.


-Mulled Wine with Cranberries: This is  a favourite winter warmer and is made of cranberry juice, cinnamon sticks, some fresh cranberry slices and sugar. Don’t forget to pour dry red wine over it and serve it warm.


-Rum and Grapefruit Spritzers: A holiday drink that is not confined to any specific occasion. The recipe for this drink  includes grapefruit juice, ginger beer, light rum and some ginger slices for garnishing. It will take you not more than ten minutes to prepare this fizzy drink and enjoy it with your pals.


-Pomegranate Martinis: If martinis make you swoon, then this one is meant for you. Pour pomegranate juice, mix it with  measured quantities of vodka and Cointreau and add sugar. At the end don’t forget the dash of lime in it. This is indeed a soothing sight for your eyes when you strain the drink into chilled martini glasses.


There are more, but these being fairly popular holiday cocktails, you can choose from either of the above depending on your celebration theme.


Are you thinking of savouring some great holiday cocktails ?  We offer you recipes of refreshing cocktails  that befits every occasion and mood.