Supriya Pilgaonkar aka Ishwari of Kuch Rang PyarKeAiseBhi

‘‘Holi is all about an array of colours and water and personally I’m very fond of the festival as it is said Holi takes away all the negative energy. As a Maharashtrian there are special dishes prepared at my home such as PuranPoli, KatachiAamti, Phirni and many more which adds to the excitement of this colourful festival. This year on Holi, my family and I will play a dry Holi. As a message to all my fans have a happy and safe Holi and avoid playing with water. Remember the best colours you can apply on someone are the colours of laughter and love..!!’’


Shaheer Sheikh aka Dev of Kuch Rang PyarKeAiseBhi

“When I was a kid, me and my friends used to go to the terrace with water balloons. We used to wait for the people to come on the street so that we can throw balloons at them. This year I don't have anything special planned for Holi because I usually do not play it. Till now, I have celebrated this festival only on sets, so probably this year also I will be playing with colours while only while shooting. ”


Shakti Arora, host of Mann Mein Vishwaas Hai

"Holi is one of the major festival and is the most vibrant of all. The joys of Holi knows no bounds and the festival is filled with so much fun and frolic. The very mention of the word 'Holi' draws a smile across my face and every year I celebrate this festival with my family and close friends. My mother prepares my favourite Malpuas,thandai and many more which we all cherish together. I don't play much with colours but I completely enjoy the sight of people drenched with water and gulaal. As a message to all my fans, have a safe and happy Holi and please save water"


Nikita Dutta aka Suman of EkDujeKeVaaste

“I am very fond of colours and holi is one such festival where you get to play with colours. I have some extremely fond memories of Holi, back as a kid it was all about behaving like it’s a war, being a sniper while targeting people with water balloons and water shooters! As of now, I am really hoping for an off on Holi as a break from the hectic schedule. Will make sure I’ll cheat a bit and treat myself to some gujiyas. Wishing all my fans a colourful and safe Holi...!”


Namik Paul aka Shravan of EkDujeKeVaaste

“My best Holi was last year as I celebrated it first time after 15 years and it was awesome! For me Holi is that special occasion which you enjoy with your friends the most, so I'm going to be with the same group of people as last year. But the childhood memory of the festival which I have is our whole lane having one big Holi celebration, where all the adults and kids would be jumping into each other's homes and ninja attacking people with colours. This was followed by exchanging gifts in the evening. ”


Gautami Kapoor aka Simran Gupta of Parvarrish Season 2

“Holi is a festival of colours which brings people of all cast, creed and culture together to spread happiness and joy. However, my humble request is that kindly be aware of the water crises and let’s be conscious and not waste water!! Instead let’s work towards conserving water and celebrate Holi this year with dry and eco-friendly colours. A message to all my fans: Wishing you all a Happy and Safe Holi.”


Sandeep Baswana aka Kulvinder of Parvarrish Season 2

“On the festival of Holi, even enemies put colours on each other and they let go off their hatred on this day. Life shall be truly divine and Holy if we could let go off our hatred for ever and make each other’s life as colourful as possible. Happy Holi lovelies!!”



Vinay Jain aka Raj Gupta of Parvarrish Season 2

”Holi is one festival I really look forward to especially the frenzied dancing part. It is worth all the body pain one has to deal with for the next few days!”


Ishant Bhanushali aka BalHanumaan of SankatMochanMahabaliHanumaan

“Holi is one of my favourite festivals and I love playing it with all my friends. Every year I and my friends, gather at my place and kick start the celebration by splashing colours and water balloons on each other. However, this year I have promised myself that I will not waste water and instead play Holi with organic colours only. I wish everybody a happy and safe Holi! Also try to save water and play Holi only with organic Colours..!”


GautamRode aka Karn of SuryaputraKarn

“Happy Holi friends. Holi is one of my favourite festival and I love playing it every year but this time I have made a promise to myself that I will only play dry Holi. I urge the viewers and my fans to conserve water and play waterless Holi. So let’s altogether celebrate a colourful Holi with organic colour and gulaal”