HJ has just uploaded a new video in which she reveals the recipe for her homemade stretch mark removal cream and how this can help remove stretch marks and rejuvenate skin.

She had stretch marks mostly on her thighs and belly, but they were not so bad because she gained all that extra weight gradually, and did not know any good cream to regenerate her skin. So, first she found a recipe for a cream based on olive oil, lemon juice and Vitamin A and E capsules. She followed the recipe when she made it the first time.

She started to apply it on her skin right after brushing and having used a Derma roller, and she saw that her stretch marks started to diminish. After 3 months of use, the results were really good, however, her skin still had the scars.

After that she heard about another very effective cream for stretch marks, made with coconut oil. So she tried the recipe for a few months, and at the same time she was applying her other cream as well.

During this period, HJ has drunk lots of water, ate mostly raw veggies and went to the gym times per week. After another 3 months in which she used both creams she saw that her stretch marks have completely banished.

She really thought that the combination of stretch mark removal creams was responsible for the removal of stretch marks, so she combined the 2 recipes creating a new one. She called 2 friends of her, who she knew they had stretch marks, and gave the creams for a 3 weeks test. After 3 weeks both women saw great results and after another 4 weeks all their stretch marks were removed.

That was the reason why HJ decided to create a new video in which she would share for free her recipe for homemade stretch mark removal cream. The reason why her video became o popular right from the start was the fact that in her video HJ also shares abook for free with 9 tps that have great effects on all scars and the people who watched the video simply loved te book aswell.

The women who want to get for free HJ’s recipe for stretch mark removal cream and this way get a more elastic and smooth skin, should go ahead and watch her youtube video in this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFPl94fVwf0

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