HJ has just released a new video on Youtube, all about how to lose weight in a month. She has created a diet plan and an exercise routine to follow during one month for fast weight loss.

She has created this new video because she has realized that one of the reasons why most people do not succeed in weight loss is the fact that in the first month the results are really small.

All people who decide to start losing weight are very enthusiastic about eating healthier and exercising, and once they start they want to see their efforts show. Most of the time they are sore, they do not lose weight and after 2-3 weeks they start to eat bad foods again, do not exercise that often and after a month they see that they have only lost 2 pounds or so, or in some cases some have even gained weight, and they drop.

Because of all these reasons HJ has decided to upload this new video about how to lose weight in a month , hoping to offer the ones that will follow her regimen real and fast results and help them lose as much weight as possible in one month.

In fact before she created the video she has spent over 20 hours researching the best weight loss ideas and the fat loss regimen that she created was first shared to 10 very close friends of hers.

They followed the diet plan that she offered and did the exercises 4 times per week. Heather wanted to know how many pounds these women can lose in 1 month. They also drank over 3 liters of water each day and read good books in order to have a high moral and be positive.

At the end of the month, HJ has met with all the 10 volunteers and looked at the results. Of course, HJ has continuously kept a good relation with all of them supporting them during the 1 month. All women have lost at least 15 pounds in that month.

There were 2 women who have lost 30 pounds that month, a thing that was so spectacular that made HJ create the youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V25g3pQaKEg , so that all women who want to know how to lose weight in one month can search for videos on youtube, find her’s and lose the weight they want.

For the women who want to get the best weight loss results in a month, they should just go and watch the video till the end to learn the steps to take.

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