Hj has just released a new video on Robert Dickins Channel about how to lose 80 pounds in 6 months for women , a video that she wanted to show to the world for a few months.

HJ decided to upload her new video to Robert’s weight loss channel because her channel deicated to helping women has been suddenly been terminated by youtube.

In her old channel HJ had over 70 videos, on wich she has spent over 2 years of research and she has made them all because she wanted to help women have an easier life.

She has received an email on the day of September 4th from youtube saying that one of her videos was flagged by somebody for the fact that she said that with the right diet, exercise and breathing exercises one woman can lose up to 3 dress sizes in a week. Because of this claim she had in one of her videos, HJ weight loss account was simply killed and over 4000 women from youtube were left without a mentor.

In fact, for her last project, she wanted to create a great video for all the women who wanted to lose 40 pounds in 2 months and in total, to lose 80 pounds in 6 months.

She has spend over 3 months researching about tips for women to hlp them lose weight easier and faster. She even considered a few ways to help women feel better about themselves and feel better when they look in the mirror.

In other words, she wanted to create the best video possible for them. So she created this 7 minutes long video, and in the end she was really pleased with the results, as she knew in her heart that the women who want to lose weight fast, drop at least 40 lbs in 2 months will be really happy to watch it and their heart will be filled with hope at the end.

Just when she was about to upload her video yo youtube, her mother got sick and for 3 weeks, she didn’t even open he emails because she had to take care of her mother.

In the end of August her mom started to feel better, so HJ decided to go back and upload the video. But somehow, she had to write back to over 2000 subscribers of hers, who had problems and seeked for a solution from Heather. So she decided to answer all the questions.

She finished answering those weight loss question, and decided to upload her latest video about losing 40 pounds and then to go on a vacation in Thailand for 3 weeks with her family.

When she saw that her channel has been terminated, HJ started to cry and called Robert and Asked him to let her upload this last video on her channel, then emailed the video’s url to all her email subscribers.

Finally her video on losing 80 pounds fast for women was a complete success, as a lot of women already started to see results after 2 weeks of following HJ’s new diet plan, which she shares in the video.

Her video can be watched by all women interested in losing weight fast, on this link: http://youtu.be/tZ4JR22Xqa4

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