HJ has just released a new video about exfoliating for stretch mark removal . Her video not only that makes sense, but it also inspire women to let go of the dead skin that was making them ugly.

Exfoliating is one of the best things for a women’s skin, and HJ knew that, but she wanted to know how fast can this lead to getting rid of stretch marks. She made an idea that every single things that can help in fighting with the ugly stretch marks is worth trying.

So, one day we woke up really early. She only had a few stretch marks on her inner thighs, but she wanted to be sure that they can be eliminating, and wanted to know how much her stretch marks will be reduced if she will exfoliate daily using coffee ground wraps.

First she wanted to use an exfoliating glove. But since she could only find one that costs over 30 $, and since it was not what she really wanted, she decided to go for coffee ground wraps.

So, she bought green coffee grounds. Normal coffee is as great, but the green one is known for having more antioxidants. She created a mix made with olive oil, water, lemon jice and she used to rub her inner thighs with the mix.

She did this 2nd thing in the morning, and every evening before going to watch tv with her husband. The coffee mix was washed by taking a bath or a shower and soon after the exfoliation, her skin was feeling really great.

Because she used to massage her inner thighs with coffee ground mix, her inner thighs muscles started to feel tones, and all the minerals and vitamins from the mix were absorbed by HJ’s skin.

All dead skin was removed when the mixture was washed during the shower, so HJ was really happy about her results. After a month of having done this exfoliating action, her inner thighs had less stretch marks, a thing that gave her enough confidence to make this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImQP4p8IxFA

For the women who have a big problem with stretch marks, and want to learn about this and how the can be free of stretch marks in just a few week, the video abouve will help you a lot!

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