(Free Press Release) It takes no more than an hour to drive in Hungary from Budapest Ferihegy Airport to the stretching along the Danube valley Balaton on a beautiful four-lane highway. The shores of Europe's largest lake attract hunters and riders, gourmet and surfers, but first of all married couples with children who want to relax at the "sea", but without the salt water.
Balaton in Hungary is perhaps the only easy and understandable word in Hungarian language, because it is familiar since childhood. In addition, it resembles the Russian word “boloto” (moor): once on the shores of the lake the Slavic tribes lived, these were them who gave such a name to the lake. But any negative assonances do not have any relation to the reality. At a time when a part of modern Hungary was part of the Ottoman Empire, the border between Turkish and Slavic territories held right in the middle of Lake Balaton - the freshwater sea, as Hungarians themselves like to call it. Ruined castles in the vicinity of Lake Balaton resemble about that long-standing historical period and extinct volcanoes in the surrounding mountains testify about the time even more distant (one of them, near the town Badaskoni, can be reached by cable car to a height of 437 meters). Balaton in Hungary regularly cleans itself. Periodically the water content is checked by independent experts, ant then they conclude: Clear! And the most independent of them draw the water from the lake with glasses and offer to drink it to anyone who wants, giving a personal example.
Balaton in Hungary is long (78 km) but narrow (maximum width 12 km) and shallow, especially on its southern shore. Due to small depth the water in the lake warms during the summer up to 28 ° C.
Experts have counted 50 species of fish in the lake. Fishing season starts on April 20. Needless to say on the shores of Lake Balaton there is open innumerable quantity of fish restaurants where fish is available at any time of year.