“Irma Grese & Auschwitz: Holocaust and the Secrets of the Blond Beast” Available for Free Via Amazon.com Starting September 20.

NEW YORK — This year, Raymond Jennings embarks on a series of books on the Holocaust, Auschwitz and World War II. His newest book, “Irma Grese & Auschwitz: Holocaust and the Secrets of the Blond Beast,” will be available as a free download via Amazon.com on September 20 thru September 24 - hyperurl.co/Irma.

The book, already a #1 Amazon.com bestseller, chronicles the story of Irma Grese, a female concentration camp guard who was notorious for her cruelty and dedication to the Nazi party. She haunted the diaries, journals and creative works of many Holocaust survivors and has been studied by psychologists, psychiatrists and historians across the globe. At the age of 22, Grese was executed and was the youngest woman to die under British Law in the 20th century.

“The story of Irma Grese is one of tyranny, violence and oppression,” said Raymond Jennings. “Through her life story we’re able to grasp the savagery of the Nazi party and the reality of war.”

Jennings’ previous book, “World War 2 Secret Missions: Brave & Daring Secret Missions of World War II” will also be available as a free download starting September 20. For more information, visit hyperurl.co/ww2missions.

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