The AVCHD files are most common file outputs of consumer camcorders from Sony or Panasonic. The Advanced Video Coding High Definition or AVCHD files are formats associated with digital recording. These files are usually high definition videos. In case users are looking at a converter to convert these files into compatible file formats, then this tool, the free AVCHD to MP4 converter is the right choice. This tool is an excellent converter that offers high quality conversions of AVCHD files to MOV files. The converted files can be played on QuickTime Player that is most compatible with all Apple devices. This tool also comes with a lot of functions that enhance the conversion process. With a simple interface, this tool is also extremely easy to use.

When it comes to file conversions, users will experience high quality outputs. The original quality of the AVCHD high definition files would remain intact even after the conversion process. It is as simple as selecting the relevant files for conversion, choose the output folder and hit the convert button. The best thing about this tool is that it is fast. Depending upon the file size it might just take a few seconds to minutes thereby saving a lot of time. The output files can also be customized with features like bit rate, resolution and so on. All in all this is an excellent tool and offers all that a paid converter can offer elsewhere.

About AVCHD to MP4 Converter

The AVCHD to MP4 Converter is a freeware that converts AVCHD files to MOV files. All those users who have QuickTime installed in their mobile devices or systems, this converter will be of great help to them.

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