JINAN, CHINA - Thermal paper is most popular as the fax machine paper. These days it is widely used in the debit and credit card machines. The paper on which the transaction is printed is known as the POS or Point of Sale thermal paper rolls. The ATM thermal roll papers are used for transaction www.pospapercn.com receipts at ATM kiosks. POSPaperCN is a company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying thermal paper in different sizes and for various purposes. The various sizes available are 80 x 80mm thermal paper roll, 57 x 40mm thermal till roll, 3 1/8¡± x 230¡¯ thermal paper roll, 2 1/4¡± x 80¡¯ Thermal cash roll, 76 x 70mm bond paper roll and the 80 x 200 x 25mm ATM Receipt Paper.

The 80 x 80mm thermal paper rolls are suitable for a variety of thermal printers which include Epson, Casio, EPOS printers, Uniwell printers and other POS service terminals. This is one of the most commons sizes that is usually ordered and is exported to the overseas markets as well. These rolls are made up of high grade heat thermal paper roll sensitive and high quality thermal paper. The cash register or the POS thermal rolls are also widely exported and are used in transaction slip or bill printer machines. These rolls are manufactured using a special chemical coated paper which would change its color when exposed to heat. It is different from a bond paper, is light in weight and has a 3 year print image life after the first time it is used.

Thermal papers are perfect for handy terminals in supermarkets or retail stores. These terminals are also used for the purpose of saving energy. POSPaperCN.com offers a wide selection of thermal paper rolls and ATM thermal paper also offers international shipping to countries such as Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Australia, Angola and many more.

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POSPaperCN, www.pospapercn.com based at Jinan, China is a company that manufactures and supplies thermal paper rolls, thermal till rolls, cash register paper rolls, bond rolls and many more. The company offers high quality rolls at the most competitive prices to customers worldwide.

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