There are many features to look into, when you purchase sheepskin numnahs for competition horses. You can get speciality pure sheepskin, part of a winning formula as far as show success is concerned. If you want to delve deeper into the fine characteristics of these numnahs, there are a few things to look at. These numnahs make the horse far more comfortable, which is a major priority. Besides, they don’t move or slip at all. They are also washable with less sweat involved. You have a choice for many different shades including dark brown, black, cream and light brown. One also has options when it comes to choosing between turned edges or plain ones.


When it is a question of picking sheepskin numnahs, it is not a bad idea to check the perfect fit to any saddle. It is also not a bad idea to see what the professional show producers recommend as there are many varieties available in the market. There are some double sided numnahs available as well, which provide the horses with an added comfort, that of shock absorption along with security. The therapeutic gels augur well for the horses with their unique construction and more importantly, their breath-ability. Besides, it also ensures that the saddle is held firmly in optimal position all through the ride.


You will also come across double sided numnahs that help you get rid of tight girths or breastplates. In some scenarios, girth guards made out of PVC are used to enhance the longevity of a numnah. There are many different types of sheepskin numnahs used for dressage, shows, endurance riding or even for jumping or hunting.


There are some top brands that come up with these along with other accessories such as saddle cloths and saddle pads. One of the more important properties to look for is sweat absorption. From saddle pads to seat savers, there are many accessories designed to keep the horse comfortable irrespective of the conditions. There are sheepskin half pads that can keep the saddle in place while also ensuring that the horse is clean and comfortable. There are many colours and sizes available too.


You can go for sheepskin numnahs that are designed to protect the horse’s back. There are high wither numnahs as well as all-purpose ones. There are interesting shades like champagne black, hot pink, silver and burgundy to choose from as well. The best ones are not only soft but also durable with a great finish provided especially to the cotton drill outers. Some of them have the look of a diamond quilt and can be extremely comfortable to the horse, besides providing all the necessary functionalities. It is a good idea to pick machine washable ones that make the job that much easier. The best ones are designed to protect the back not just from the saddle but also the rider, ensuring that the actual ride is a smooth one free of shock and sweat. They are ideal for everyday use as well.



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