As we are about to discover together, kombucha culture can help the body in many different ways. However, in order to enjoy maximum of benefits, one should only rely on high quality kombucha starters. How to recognize these starters and which are the most praised kombucha benefits will therefore make our topic for today.


Despite what some people may believe, Kombucha is a beverage that we have been using since ancient times. Brewed from kombucha starters — which are the cultures of bacteria and yeasts — respectively tea leafs, it was often referred to as Living Tea. A long time ago people used to consider it an elixir for a long and healthy life, an energizer capable to provide full therapy and to boost the way that the organism functions.


Because of all the ferments and acids resulted from the brew of bacteria, this tea has a major first impact on the digestive system. The better this system functions, the better will function your entire body, from the blood that fuels all the internal organs to the skin that covers them all. Therefore, among the many kombucha benefits, we can discuss the acceleration of the metabolism, the cure on skin lesions, pimples and outbreaks, the increased protection against cancer and degenerative diseases and many more.


Can you just make kombucha tea at home and get to enjoy all these health benefits? Yes, you can — provided that you only work with the best starters. For those who did not understand from the very beginning, a starter is the culture that you take and use to ferment the tea leaves and all the other ingredients you use with your recipe.


As a rule, any culture should include both yeast and bacteria. The more strains it has, the more likely it is to give you a delicious and intensively active beverage. Depending on where you get your culture from, you can decide to trust or to be more suspicious. Not brewing it the right way could lead to having a low quality culture and therefore an ineffective cure in the end.


The best way to realize whether you are getting the right stuff however is to simply notice how it develops. You can tell you have a decent culture when the mushroom that starts growing is thick, wide and it has a light color, without blemishes. The tea from beneath should definitely be acidic and no other formation should grow on top of it. By other formations we mostly refer to molds, which should never start spreading on top of the mushroom. If this happens, it is a clear sign that you haven’t been given a pure kombucha starter.


Once again, this is not a miraculous treatment but a very effective detoxifier. The only condition for the treatment to work is to take it by the book. It may seem a little bit difficult at first to brew your own culture of bacteria. Yet the first time when you will make kombucha tea all by yourself, you will understand how good it feels to handle the entire process.



You cannot enjoy the numerous kombucha benefits without being capable to make kombucha tea of good quality. Make sure you only use the best kombucha starters and the results should soon become visible.