Davie, FL - Mosaic House Numbers specializes in crafting Italian styled mosaic tile house numbers. The house numbers they create using mosaic chips are very impressive, clear and legible. Visibility level is very important for house numbers and the mosaic house numbers from this company is known for their high level visibility. Though highly colorful house numbers look good on the wall, their visibility level is compromised greatly because of too many colors that feature in the house numbers.
These mosaic house numbers give a warm welcome to the guests. As these mosaic house numbers are designed by professionals, they give a special character to the home. House numbers that are on the exteriors of the home are meant to be for lifetime and they have to remain there as long as the building remains. So keeping in mind the longevity level expected, Mosaic House Numbers makes highly durable number plates. These number plates come in standard dimensions of Height 6 3/4", Width 3 1/4". They also make custom sized house numbers to meet customers‘ specific requirements.
The regular or standard mosaic house number plates come with beige background and with the numbers in brown to ensure high contrast level. If users should request for a different color combination, it is possible to get the house numbers in any color they need. These mosaic house numbers are absolutely maintenance free and it does not require any painting. It is very easy to install these house numbers. They will have to be simply glued to the wall on the desired location. Customers can also buy Italian styled mosaic tile house numbers that are preinstalled. Mosaic house numbers can also become a great gift for friends or family members who are moving into their new home.
High level of customization is possible to the mosaic house numbers in terms of color combination, size of the number plates and even overall design. The cost of the number plates will vary based on the changes requested. It is also possible to get a logo or letters on to these mosaic tiles. They have eleven years of experience in Marble, Glass and Mosaic industry. When it comes to mosaic, they can create just about any design their customers want. Mosaic House Numbers have great experience in creating borders, medallions or even accents. This company is known for their excellent craftsmanship and their ability to meet their customers‘ requirements to the last detail. House numbers and other products are priced very reasonably. They staff pay great attention to details which ensures beautiful house numbers and designs suitable for both interior as well as exterior use. Customers will be able to order their house numbers online and get them shipped to their door steps. For more information visit, http://www.mosaicnumbers.com