People who want to lose weight are often advised to work out regularly and have a good eating habit.  A high protein diet can help you lose extra pounds, because protein is an excellent source to increase muscle mass.  Having more muscles allow your body to burn more calories.  However, your diet should not be all protein.  You should be encouraged to take in carbohydrates also, like some wheat bread or rice, because carbs is needed by the body for energy. Lack of carbohydrates and fats will result in your body eating muscles instead of fats.



A plan in high protein diet should also incorporate taking high protein snacks, because it is included in healthy eating habits.  Many people are perplexed when they need to think of high protein snack ideas.  It’s not difficult to do, really, just cater to your taste, and choose the foods that are healthy and you also enjoy eating.  Protein rich foods will help you maintain lean muscles, make you feel fuller for a longer time, and satiate your appetite.


The foods that should be included in your high protein diet and also in high protein snacks are the following.


Dairy Products (Low Fat) - This includes low-fat cheese, yogurt, smoothie with low-fat milk, and whole grain crackers.  Ice cream and whole milk should be avoided because these are high-fat daily products.   They contain high amounts of calories and  saturated fat. 


Seeds and Nuts — These are good sources of unsaturated fat and proteins.  Unsaturated fat promotes a healthy heart.  Healthy nuts that you may include in your high protein diet  and high protein snacks are almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds, cashews, and sunflower seeds.  Peanut butter, almond butter and other organic nut butters add protein and healthy fat to other foods like whole wheat bread and apple slices.


Eggs and Meat — Chicken, turkey and fish are lean meats that are rich in protein and contain very little fat.  Eggs, also are a great protein source, and you can get it from the egg whites mostly.  Processed stuff like hot dogs, bacon, deli meat etc. is not recommended, because these foods are being associated with high cancer risks.


Legumes — Beans, lentils and split peas are some examples of legumes.  These are a source of fiber and protein in whatever form you take it — fresh, dried, frozen, or canned. Legumes are also full of B vitamins (folate), iron, phytonutrients and other vitamins and minerals.  Chili, split pea soup, whole grain crackers or tofu are some examples of snacks that are high in protein.


A diet high in protein, and snacks, are effective weight loss solutions.  However, they can only be effective when coupled with a regular exercise. Your intake of high protein will not serve you properly without proper exercise.  Protein, when not used by the body, is converted into energy.  This will subsequently be stored as fats.  Also, the recommendation is that only twenty-five percent of your diet plan should include high protein, because too much consumption may overwork your kidney and this will not be good to your health. So it is also necessary to consume carbohydrates since carbs do not thermic digestive effect as protein we still need carbs to be able to have the energy to do intense workouts. The ideal ratio being 25% protein to 15% carbs.

High protein diet and high protein snacks are essential for a healthy living.