Drag Racing has been around for over Half a century. It usually involves two cars or motorcycles which are specifically modified, competing over a quarter mile distance. These Cars have to be modified all the way through, starting from the Oil Pan to the Exhaust System. Some Cars likewise need specially modified Truck bed covers which reduce drag. The Connecting Rod in a straight line from a standing start. Because of the extremely high speeds the vehicles reach, electronic timers are utilized to calculate the time period of each competitor. Before the race starts, each driver is able to warm their tires with what is known as a burnout. In a burnout the car is kept stationary while the driver spins the wheels belonging to the car or motorcycle. Due to the friction, the tires rapidly heat up and produce a lot of smoke. This also lays down rubber around the start of the track which improves traction.

The race begins by an electric system known as the Christmas tree. The tree is made up of two columns of lights, one for each of the drivers. The top light in each column is a small amber light called a staging light. Beneath the staging light you will find three large amber lights, followed by a green light after which a red light. The staging light is lit when the driver pulls up to the start line. When both drivers have pulled up to the place to begin, the three large amber lighting is lit to show that the race is about to start. The green light is lit up to start the race.

There are two different sequences in which the lights can be activated:
1. On a professional tree the three amber lights flash together, and after 0.4 seconds the green light is lit.
2. On a Sportsman tree, the 3 amber lights flash from top to bottom with half second intervals. The green light is activated another half second following the bottom amber light. This can also be termed as a full tree.

To prevent drivers from pulling off prematurely, a beam is projected over the start line. If this beam is broken just before the green light is lit, the red light of that particular lane is lit. The offending driver is subsequently disqualified. This is whats called redlighting. If both drivers get away without disqualification, the first one to cross the finish line is declared the winner.

Drag Racing has been a fast growing sport for the last decade. Whether you've been into drag racing for a long period or just recently introduced to the sport, there is no denying that it is an extremely addictive sport. Whether you want anything from an automobile Cover to a Towing Hitch, go to http://www.race-mart.com. We have all the latest accessories for any drag racing enthusiast.

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