Denver, CO — Schools that use fluorescent classroom lights and lighting products based on harmful mercury have often expressed their interest in acquiring a more advanced lighting system that would last longer, provide better energy efficiency, require less maintenance and generate better quality light. With the numerous technological advancements made in recent years, products such as those based on LED lighting have become increasingly available for schools that need to replace their old classroom lights.

According to experts from ILLUMINEX — an energy-efficient lighting company based in Denver — LED lights are the cleanest and most efficient solutions available on the market today that can provide long term advantages to schools that use them for classroom lighting.

The typical life of an LED lamp is its main positive point — such light system is able to provide consistent lighting for more than 50,000 hours even if used 24 hours a day. This translates into about 5 years of use without the need to replace any of these classroom lights, which, on a long term basis, can provide enormous financial benefits.

An ILLUMINEX representative has stated that “based on current research, the most efficient types of lamps used in most of the older school lighting systems are mercury and sodium-based lights, which generally have a life span between 15,000 and 24,000 hours.” This clearly shows how LED lamps are in a class of their own.

Studies show that most schools can rarely afford to change their old classroom lights with technologically advanced products such as LED based lighting systems, because of the fact that they need to use their often limited budget for providing children with other important facilities needed for their education. According to ILLUMINEX, however, most schools could gain many benefits from this change, due to a new financing program they have spearheaded — the only kind available in the country.

Not only does LED technology provide longer life, but it is also more than 60% more energy efficient and almost 30% brighter than most common types of lighting. Also, such systems provide natural color temperatures, they do not flicker or create any noise, and they are eco-friendly.

ILLUMINEX states that LED-based classroom lights are now more frequently used in schools across the US based on recent advances in LED technology, which have not only lowered the cost, but allowed institutions like schools to more readily realize the long term energy savings benefits.


A leader in energy efficient lighting systems, ILLUMINEX is a company that has a great reputation in offering sound advice in the varieties of LED classroom lights .

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