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HGH 10.com is excited to have just celebrated their third anniversary recently. This is an impressive milestone for this site. HGH10.com website focuses on ensuring readers have the most up to date and accurate information available. They are very excited to announce they have hired a new writer with a strong background in medical writing, who has the expertise to offer articles based on medical information, statistics, and research in a way that everyone can understand and use.

One of the articles on HGH10.com talks about how the anti aging industry presents a great deal of misinformation and exaggeration. It’s easy to find HGH supplements, but there is misinformation in that industry as well. A number of human growth hormone supplements claim to be the equivalent of HGH injections, which is actually rare. Read more at http://www.hgh10.com/human-growth-hormone/ to find out more on HGH.

To add to the confusion is the discussion on reverse aging. It is very important to have in-depth unbiased information available on the numerous anti aging products on the market.

HGH.com has dedicated a section to reviews on the many different HGH supplements that are on the market. At http://www.hgh10.com/hgh-supplements/ individuals can learn quickly about the various HGH products, how they work and their overall benefits.

HGH has also has some fairly serious side effects. The HGH10.com site takes the time to address these side effects. http://www.hgh10.com/hgh-side-effects-and-risks/ explaining all of the risks associated with the use of human growth hormone, which includes water retention, Diabetes, Acromegaly, and pain at the injection site.

HGH injections require a doctor’s prescription. However, GenF20 Plus is available over the counter as a dietary supplement. When GenF20 Plus is taken as a combination of oral and tablet supplements it is guaranteed to be current, certified, and compliant in Good Manufacturing Practices. This means the product meets or exceeds the quality standards that pharmaceutical and medical device providers must follow.

“The ingredients in GenF20 Plus tablets and oral spray are produced naturally,” an article on HGH10 said, adding that they include elements specifically intended to boost the production of HGH, such as L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Ornithine, L-Glycine, Pituitary Powder and gamma-aminobutyric acid , or GABA.

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