Drapes, also known as Curtains, are cloths that are used for a number of different purposes. In the past curtains were used to divide rooms in a home before doors were put into use. Drapes differ from curtains in that there is a small lining sewn onto the opposite side of it. The lining plays the role of protecting the drape from Ultraviolet rays while maintaining the quality of the fabric. Since drapes are in constant contact with the sun fading can occur if protective measures are not taken. Linings in drapes can also add certain flair to the overall appearance of it. Different embroideries within the drape can change the mood and feel of an entire room.


Drapes can also be used for light control and insulation. Depending on the thickness of a drape it is possible to shield a room from most of the light that comes from the sun. This is especially helpful for rooms that are facing the sun when it rises. Drapes also have the ability to act as insulation. Making use of different colors and types of fabrics a room can be cooled or heated simply by making use of a particular drape. These drapes, or window treatments Lancaster PA , can help save money in the summer and the winter time when temperatures can be extreme.

Drapes are not only found in homes, but are used in a variety of different locations, such as offices and buisinesses, as well. Theatres make use of drapery not only for scenes, but in opening and closing acts. These drapes add to the overall theme of theatre and can be color coordinated to match the mood or motif of the show. If you need Draperies Lancaster PA has shops, stores and interior decorators that can help turn your room into a work of art.

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