It may be fun seeing how the urine color changes every time people pee, but color says a lot about the health. As much as skin color tells a lot of the skin health, urine color says something about the well-being.

Website Bodybuilding provides a comprehensive guide about how the color of the urine translates to the overall health of the human being.

“Urine can offer telltale signs of what's happening inside the body it's departing. Depending on the color, urine can offer signs of everything from dehydration to infections to even certain cancers,” the website stated.

If people know about urine being dark yellow means the person is dehydrated or the light yellow color means it is okay, then there are more things to know in the urine spectrum.

According to the website, the various colors of urine are produced because of the processes inside the kidneys. The processes involve the blood and other minerals. Even ketosis is contributing to the color of the urine.

The urine color spectrum

The website presented information about the urine color and the body’s health. Straw colored urine to transparent yellow colors are normal levels. Transparent colors are reminders to stay hydrated.

Meanwhile, dark yellow urine can mean normal but there are signs of dehydration. The tipping scale should begin when the urine starts to turn honey-colored, the website said. Maple syrup colored urine can mean that the body might be experiencing a liver problem. Reddish urine color needs some medical attention as soon as possible.

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