China, 20, May 2016: Different kinds of hoses are required for a range of purposes in different industries and households. There are a large number of manufacturers who offer hose made from different materials and for different capacities. One such manufacture that belongs to China and features advanced hose to customers across the world is Hengshui Yinli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. The company is involved in professional manufacturing of high pressure rubber hose, steel wire braided hydraulic hose, high pressure air hose, oil drilling rubber hose, big suction, metal hose, steam hose, etc. Their unit is situated at about 200 kms from Tianjin Port at the Hebei Province.

Each of their hoses are manufactured with the SAE standards which range from SAE 100 R1AT to 100 R17. Additionally, the company is also involved in manufacturing high pressure hose which are customized for a range of sizes. YINLI rubber hose factory utilizes advanced equipment for production, testing as well as inspecting. This is facilitated by a well-built system for management and quality assurance as per the global standards. Some of the popular products that the company presently manufactures includes hydraulic rubber hoses like the steel wire braided hoses (R1 R2 1SN 2SN 1SC 2SC R16 R17), steel wire spiral hoses (such as 2SP 4SP 6SP R9 R12 R13 R15), metal hoses, PTFE/Teflon hoses, refuel hoses and hose couplings.

The company besides meeting the local demands has been expanding to other countries. They are currently shipping orders to countries like UK, USA, Japan, Germany, Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Included in the types of air hoses that the company manufactures are the air brake hose, PVC air hose, Polyurethane air hose, wire spiral air hose, high and low pressure air hose, etc. To know more about their products or to inquire about the manufacturing capacities, customers can visit their website. The website serves as a virtual office and offers almost all the relevant information about the products and services offered by the company. The website also features a detailed factory tour and product details on the website. However, in case of specific queries or any other questions, customers can use any of the mentioned communication channels to get direct answers from the company.

About Hengshui Yinli Rubber Products CO., LTD

Hengshui Yinli Rubber Products CO., LTD is a Chinese based manufacturer of a large variety of hoses. The company has its own manufacturing unit in HengshuiHebei and caters to orders from across the world. For more information regarding their products and manufacturing capacities, please visit their website.

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